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The best blogging and publishing platforms on the Internet today

The best blogging and publishing platforms on the Internet today


So you’ve decided you’re going to create a blog? Great!

Now, which blogging platform are you going to choose?

Learn about the ten best blogging platforms and which one is best for your goals.

The majority of these platforms are free and very easy to use. Some require different levels of technical ability and others required that you purchase web hosting. Many of the free options come with built in social communities that help promote your blog and its content.

Here are some best blogging platforms:

1. WordPress Blogging Platform

WordPress comes into variations: and

Learn the difference between and

If you’re starting a blog you might find to be the simplest and least expensive option. However, if you are planning a growing your blog into an actual business or to generate leads for your existing business I recommend using

The primary difference between the two versions of WordPress is blog hosting. With you’ll have to find and pay for your own web hosting. With your blog will be hosted on their servers. Cost is also a factor. You can set up a blog that is completely free on With you have to buy web hosting and your own domain. Expect to pay from $40-100 to purchase a domain and hosting.

Themes exist for the following functions:

  • Photography blogs
  • E-commerce
  • Real estate listings
  • Classified sites
  • Forum items
  • Travel blogs
2. SquareSpace Blogging Platform

The feature that stands of the most inside of SquareSpace is their LayoutEngine technology. Longtime users of WordPress, or any other blogging platform, will notice this amazing feature right away. Click and drag images, re-size them, and adjust placement faster and smoother than any other blogging platform allows.

Everything is laid out inside a perfect grid so everything is always properly aligned. Text, images, or blocks can be dragged to the exact location where you want them.

Another key feature of SquareSpace is how multiple site components are pulled together all under one platform. Typical website components such as pages and galleries along with blogs and e-commerce stores all work smoothly together. Add a custom template for unique look and you have a dynamic web site with e-commerce and blog functionality.

3. Blogger Blogging Platform

This popular blogging platform owned by Google is extremely easy to set up and has good online support. It has been said that a site run on Blogger receives SEO benefits by Google, although this hasn’t been verified.

Clear benefits of using blogger include:

  • Ease of setup
  • Simple design and layout
  • Inability to harm the backend (no custom coding)
  • Free

Drawbacks to using blogger:

  • Inability to do custom coding
  • Limited opportunities for monetization
  • Unprofessional design options
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