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7 ways to get ready for a business contract

7 ways to get ready for a business contract

Developing an unbreakable marketing and sales strategy is a skill that even the best hospitality professionals are constantly trying to perfect. Group business contracts come and go, but a solid sales team and group business data is a key component to continued success.

Here are some basic clauses you should absolutely include in your influencer agreement!

1 | Timeline: the period that the entire agreement covers, the exact date when content will be delivered and posted, and the minimum time frame content will be live

2 | Scope of Work: what exactly will you be producing? the more specificity, the better so instead of saying “4 social posts” it’s better to delineate “1 social media post on instagram, 3 tweets on twitter”. other examples of specificity include “(one) 300 word blog post” or “(one) 5,000 word e-book” or (two) 30-second videos”.

3 | Drafts and Re-shoots: will drafts be provided to the client? how many revisions will they be allowed? what time frame do they have to respond to the draft and provide corrections or changes? what should happen if the client does not respond to the draft? are there any quality requirements and if a re-shoot needs to happen, who bears the cost?

4 | Exclusivity: does the brand want a dedicated post or a non-dedicated post. If the former, no other brands are allowed to be mentioned. Sometimes the brand will go a step further and mandate that the influencer cannot work with any other competitor brands for a period before and after the project. best to outline which brands and for how long. if it’s excessive (generally anything more than a week), consider raising your rates to reflect lost income from the exclusivity period.

5 | Signatories: both parties need to sign and date. in this section, it’s important to outline the key contacts at the brand that you will be communicating with.

6 | Payment terms: payment schedules, in what form payment will be made, any applicable taxes or fees and interest schedules for potential late payments. again here – specificity is key. instead of writing “net-30”, spell out “(company) will pay half upon contract signing and half on a net-30 basis of content published via check or direct deposit”. most brands require an invoice for their accounting departments to process payment – great partners will tell you this but inquire if they don’t; you don’t want it to be the 31st day and then you find out you need an invoice and it will take 7 additional business days to process.

7 | Rights: who will have rights to content produced? for images that you create, will the brand be able to re-post on social media with or without credit? will the brand be able to create derivative content from the influencer’s work by using images and content to create an e-book, corporate brochure or slideshare deck? will content created be available for use on a brand’s direct marketing channels or via paid advertising?

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